Practice Areas


We advise banks and credit unions with regard to banking policies and procedures, check laws, garnishments and UCC Articles 2, 2A, 3, 4 and 9. We represent some of the largest banks in Georgia filing answers to garnishments served on the bank and otherwise dealing with problems which arise from those garnishments.

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We handle virtually all types of civil disputes with a focus on business, real estate and banking.

Creditor’s Rights & Bankruptcy

We protect creditor’s rights in litigation, contracts, collections and various bankruptcy issues.

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

We represent predominately landlords in lease negotiations, default resolution and eviction proceedings.

Real Estate

We advise clients regarding real estate acquisition & disposition, leasing and real estate related disputes.

Corporate & Business Transactions

We counsel clients regarding business formations, disposition & acquisition, employment and other general business issues.

Sports Promotions / Pay Per View

We represent national promoters of Pay Per View sports and other events in protecting their rights in Federal Court for event licensing and piracy enforcement.

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